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Why Choose Parathyroid and Thyroid Surgery with Us?

3 reasons to book an endocrine surgery with James Kirkby-Bott
Continuous Intra-operative  Nerve Monitoring (cIONM)

Spire Southampton in conjunction with James Kirkby-Bott are the only site in the region routinely using continuous intra-operative nerve monitoring (cIONM) during every operation.

This cutting edge technology  improves voice preservation and airway protection. It continually monitors nerve function and warns James of changes in wave signal that precede functional nerve damage that causes altered voice and recurrent chest infections.

Extensively trained in Endocrine Surgery

James trained at 2 of the most prestigious endocrine surgery units in the world:  

Hammersmith Hospital, London

CHRU, Lille, France

James is a leading surgeon using outcomes to improve quality innovations in surgery. These are big passions. Combining surgical outcomes with his extensive experience leads to the best advice and even better surgical outcomes.


Real-time PTH in surgery

Tool coming to Spire Southampton soon.

Real-time PTH monitoring in Thyroid and Parathyroid surgery (IOPTH) is key to improving outcomes.

Using localisation studies and IOPTH can improve parathyroid surgery success from 94% (localisation only) to 99% with localisation and IOPTH.

Using IOPTH in total thyroidectomy can predict low calcium due to too little PTH hormone being produced. Doing this during surgery can help decision making to try and preserve parathyroid function long term.


Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery Resources

Problems with the thyroid and parathyroid glands can often be treated by surgery. The following has been written to help you with your surgery.


What can you expect to do and when post endocrine surgery


Advice to get the best result from your surgery

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