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Mr James Kirkby-Bott sub-specialises in thyroid and parathyroid surgery and is an expert in the management of endocrine diseases as well as - herniasgallbladder lipoma and appendix.

He offers private surgery at Spire Hospital and Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital  Chandlers Ford in  Hampshire. 

We aim to offer consultations within 1 week of contacting us directly and if then surgery is required surgery is completed within 3 weeks

" Very professional keeping you informed at every step making sure you knew everything required,

no question was dismissed. Totally recommended."

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Hernia with Hernia Clinic Hampshire

Pioneering hernia surgery using local anaesthetic with sedation as a day case. This surgery is available to all ages and health conditions 

Lipoma and Skin Lesions

Removal of lumps and bumps affecting the skin and soft tissues

Mr Kirkby-Bott has a private practice at the Spire and Nuffield Health Wessex Hospitals fuelled by excellent patient reviews.

Graduating in London in 1998 he trained around the world in general and endocrine surgery in London, Brisbane Australia, Cambridge, the local Wessex area and in the internationally renowned endocrine surgery centres at the Hammersmith Hospital, London and the CHRU Lille, France.

Since starting as a Consultant Surgeon in 2010 he has developed the thyroid and parathyroid endocrine surgery service in Southampton arranging educational meetings on these diseases across Wessex. He helped set up and develop the trauma and acute surgery service at UHS developing an urgent gallbladder surgery practice and has been running a successful hernia practice at the Royal South Hants hospital leading to establishing the Hernia Clinic Hampshire specialising in local anaesthetic hernia surgery with sedation to make this surgery available to all medical conditions.

Mr James Kirkby-Bott is the Director of Clinical Outcomes at UHS having set up an innovative system of peer reviewing each services outcomes. As Quality Improvement lead for surgery at the Wessex Academic Health Science Network he led Wessex in rolling out a quality improvement framework for major emergency surgery that significantly reduced mortality in this high risk patient group. Currently James is working on the role of human factors in surgical error and its impact on outcomes.

He has an academic track record in endocrine research and has published numerous papers, chapters and the first published book devoted to the parathyroid gland. He won the prestigious Norman Tanner medal in surgery awarded by Royal Society of Medicine in 2008 and the Braun Aesclepius prize in endocrine surgery in 2011 for his work on parathyroid disease. 

Key private services offered: Gallbladder and general surgeryhernia surgerythyroid and parathyroid endocrine surgery as well as consultation on adrenal and endocrine pancreas conditions. 

Details of other private surgery offered by Consultant Surgeon James Kirkby-Bott

Patient Feedback 2020

" Great advice pre-op and post op, he took time to answer all my questions and didn't rush me. Operation has gone well and a very happy patient here. "