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Feedback is important for us and future patients so we encourage all patients to provide feedback via Patient Connect and iWantGreatCare once their care is complete.

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Spire Southampton Hospital

Mr KIrkby- Bott was confident and reassuring and able to provide detailed answers to questions I had. I felt confident that he was the best surgeon for my partial thyroidectomy. Several months on my scar is healing well and I have no vocal problems. Thanks must also go to Suzannah who is a real asset to Mr Kirkby-Bott, chasing up test results, arranging appointments and giving general reassurance when I was incredibly anxious.

Added by a 39 year old female patient Oct 21

Spire Southampton Hospital

The discussions about my diagnosis, the general risks of surgery, the nasal endoscopy before hand and the information about the procedure as a whole were all explained to me by Mr Kirkby-Bott in a calm and concise manner. He answered all my questions and I felt reassured by his obvious experience and professionalism. All the staff, nurses and admin team at The Spire, were so polite and caring and felt I was in 'safe hands.' I remember coming round after the actual operation and saying to the nurse, "Thank you for looking after me." It had been quite an emotional year and I was happy to have finally had my surgery.

June 21

Spire Southampton Hospital

I am extremely grateful to Mr Kirkby-Bott and his team for managing to arrange an urgent operation for my hernia. It had become very painful and was preventing my ability to work, so it was with a great sense of relief when I received news of a date for my operation. From my initial consultation through to discharge from the Spire Hospital in Southampton, the level of care and professionalism was exceptional. I felt reassured at every point and followed the thorough preparations laid out before my admission.
I was able to be discharged shortly after my operation after a further consultation with Mr Kirky-Bott and I found this to be of great benefit. I really can't thank or praise the whole team enough. It has had a life-changing positive effect for me and enabled me to continue helping others through my volunteering efforts during the COVID pandemic. I am eternally grateful.
Thank you so much Mr Kirkby-Bott

June 21

Added by a patient - June 2021

Spire Southampton Hospital

I am very relieved to have had the operation, just six weeks ago on 30th April 2021. The surgery has eliminated the constrictive feelings across my throat and the pressure/pain from the large nodule inside my neck. Due to Covid restrictions and my other health problems, I was advised to wait for surgery until the Covid infection rates had gone down. My thyroiditis started in April 2020, so I have had several months of very uncomfortable symptoms. Yes, I am very pleased to have had Mr Kirkby-Bott as my surgeon to perform a left partial thyroidectomy. My recovery is continuing and although there is pulling sensation by my throat and when I swallow, I hope that with the exercises I do each day, this will continue to improve over time.

Added by a patient - 10th November 2020

Spire Southampton Hospital

What a nice person. He listened attentively, explained what & how he intended to proceed. Explained in sufficient detail without over complicating.
I found him easy to understand and yet imparted an enormous amount of information without overwhelming me, not sure how he achieved it but all the information he gave was very useful especially during the recovery period when a number of his comments came back to mind thereby allaying any fears as to how the recovery process working.
6 weeks on from the procedure on my inguinal hernia and I feel fully capable to carry on as before it occurred with no detrimental after effects.
I am most grateful Thank You
Added by a patient - 7th October 2020
Spire Hospital Southampton
This consultation was follow-up after my hernia operation conducted under local anaesthetic. I am very happy with the outcome and with Mr Kirkby-Bott's services.

Reply to patient's comment
Thank you for offering feedback. I’m glad to hear that you feel you’ve benefited and received a good service. It is the minimum you should expect from us and I’m glad we achieved that for you.

Added by a patient - 30th September 2020
Spire Hospital Southampton
Overall a very rewarding experience
Added by a patient - 17th September 2020
Spire Hospital Southampton
The inguinal hernia operation performed under local anaesthetic with minimal disruption to a frail 82 year old man with a leaky heart valve was a great success. If only everyone who needed this operation could be treated this way. Mr Kirkby-Bott was very understanding of the situation and his patience in explaining details much appreciated.
His aftercare advice was clear and very effective.
Having previously been advised by other surgeons that no hernia operation could be carried out until heart surgery had taken place, which did not because of COVID-19, to now be pain free is fantastic.

18th September 2020 Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank for your detailed feedback. I was really pleased to hear that despite the advice you had previously been given we were able to help. It has given the rest of the surgery team a real boost to understand how this technique makes hernia surgery accessible to everyone.

Added by a patient - 30th June 2020

University Hospital Southampton
I have recently had a left lobectomy of my thyroid gland under the care of Mr Kirkby-Bott and can fully recommend his care and team. It's not the most comfortable of operations post operatively, but from awaking in recovery and seeing Mr Kirkby-Bott ensuring my voice was okay straightaway, to the care in recovery to the overnight care on the ward. All went well and any concerns dealt with, including prompt post-operative communication on medication and wound care. I can now sleep better , swallow and breathe better. Thank you.

Added by a patient - 24th June 2020

University Hospital Southampton
Am so grateful that Mr K-B carried out my parathyroid surgery. He is an extremely professional but obviously caring man with a genuine interest in getting me better! I felt totally safe in his hands and he was very supportive throughout my journey. Many thanks.

Added by a patient - 21st April 2020

University Hospital Southampton
The doctor explained the procedure that I was about to have and that put me at ease .I would like thank Dr James Kirkby-bott and his team for their care with my operation.

23rd April 2020 Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide feedback. It is hugely useful. I hope your recovery continues well.

Added by patient - 9th December 2019

Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital
Very professional keeping you informed at every step making sure you knew everything required, no question was dismissed. Totally recommended.
Added by patient - 4th December 2019
Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital
Mr Kirkby-Bott was excellent. He went through my concerns thoroughly and explained things clearly without being patronising. I trust and have confidence in him.
Added by patient - 20th November 2019
Spire Hospital Southampton
A most reassuring and entirely satisfactory follow-up to my hernia repair operation. Many thanks.
Added by patient - 28th September 2019
Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital
Excellent doctor, great manner, treated me like a valued patient, never like just another number or an idiot.
Added by patient - 6th August 2019
University Hospital Southampton
He was precise in what he was telling me . And explained about my next appointment .

25th November 2020 Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to hear that I helped you understand the issues and hope your next appointment went well.

Added by patient - 22nd May 2019
Spire Hospital Southampton
Great advice pre-op and post op, he took time to answer all my questions and didn't rush me, operation has gone well and a very happy patient here
Added by patient - 18th April 2019
Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital
Would highly recommend.
15th March 2019
Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital
Mr Kirkby-Bott was very professional and discussed my appointment in a very open manner that made me feel relaxed.

Added by patient - 17th February 2019

Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital
Helped me navigate from NHS to using my private policy to speed up treatment. Clear on symptoms, clear on treatment plan, answered all my questions.

Added by a patient - 27th November 2018

Practice Plus Group ISTC - Royal South Hants Hospital
Not only did he actually look at me I felt he listened to me. He also made sure I understood what to expect next. He was polite and I felt treated me with respect which has not always been the case with other consultants I have seen in the past. The clinic was on time, in fact I was called in 10 minutes early to see Mr Kirkby-Bott.

29th November 2018 Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. It is helpful and appreciated. I am glad you left your consultation feeling helped. I am very glad I was running to time when you saw me, but have to admit it is something I don't always achieve.

Added by a patient - 27th November 2018

Practice Plus Group ISTC - Royal South Hants Hospital
I like the fact that he allowed me to talk, he took notice of my concerns and I did not feel rushed along. I am happy that he will be seeing me again to discuss some more results.

29th November 2018 Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank you for providing feedback. I hope your next appointment reinforces your initial consultation.

Added by a patient - 26th November 2018

Practice Plus Group ISTC - Royal South Hants Hospital

Mr Kirkby-Bott provided clear and concise information upon the options facing me, described the operational techniques involved and listened closely to my concerns. The possible consequences of whether to proceed or not were set out lucidly such that my decision was made much easier. In my opinion he is a credit to his profession and a model to be followed.