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Private Hernia Surgery

Why choose hernia surgery with James Kirkby-Bott?

An Innovative Expert Approach

Offering lower risk surgeries with a highly experienced consultant level surgeon to patients of all ages.

Minimal Wait Times

Offering consultations within 7 days and surgery (if needed) within 2-4 weeks.

Affordable Care

Offering competitively priced surgery packages and working with all major health insurance providers.

“The whole experience of having a hernia surgery was much more straightforward than I thought, and I am very happy that I have decided to have the repair done by Mr Kirkby-Bott."

2023 Patient Review

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How is a Hernia repaired?

Mr Kirkby-Bott offers hernia repair using one of two methods:
Innovative Open Repair using Local Anaesthetic and Sedation, or in certain cases Laparoscopic Repair using General Anaesthetic

Local Anaesthetic Procedure

Open repair using local anaesthetic and sedation makes hernia surgery accessible to patients of all ages and health conditions.

General Anaesthetic Procedure

Laparoscopic repair, also known as keyhole repair, can in some instances better suit certain patients.

Local anaesthetic, no discomfort, felt very relaxed throughout – almost euphoric, but that feeling maybe because my problem was being solved. Good aftercare including guidance on how to recover quickly. Discharged same day. No subsequent problems.”

Patient Review

Hernia Types

The following list includes the types of hernias Mr Kirkby-Bott repairs:

Groin Hernias

Inguinal Hernias

Femoral Hernias

Ventral/Abdominal Wall Hernias

Umbilical/Paraumbilical Hernias

Epigastric Hernias

Incisional Hernias

Spigelian/Lateral Hernias

Your Consultant

Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Mr James Kirkby-Bott is a highly experienced hernia surgeon and offers a full range of procedure techniques to men and women.
His speciality is a pioneering local anaesthetic repair that is available to all patients as a day case procedure, regardless of age or frailty.
Mr Kirkby-Bott is the leading surgeon for Hernia Clinic Hampshire. Head to Hernia Clinic Hampshire's website to get the full details on the clinic, procedures, recovery and past patient feedback.
Private consultant Mr James Kirkby-Bott

“Knowing about his skill and care earlier would have saved me a lot of unnecessary hernia pain. Operation under local anaesthetic is a revelation, easy recovery. Great."

2020 Patient Review

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