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More Information about Gallbladder Issues

What to do about

Gallstones Pain?

How do you know if there is something wrong with your gallbladder?

If you are feeling pain from the gallbladder you will be experiencing occasional but severe pain in the top of your belly under the rib cage. It can also give you pain your right rib cage and between your shoulder blades. You may also feel nausea and sometimes it makes you vomit.

We suggest that you start with a consultation with Mr Kirkby-Bott and if gallstones are suspected then we will carry out some blood tests and an altrasound.

The bloods will identify infection, pancreatitis and bile duct irritation.

The ultrasound will confirm gallstones, and demonstrate evidence of any gallbladder inflammation or stones in your main bile duct

The diagram below identifies the gallstone diagnostic pathway. The resolution will be either keyhole gallbladder removal, keyhole gallbladder removal and a cholangiogram (*x-rays taken using dye during surgery to make sure duct is clear of stones at surgery) or ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogram) and cholecystectomy. ERCP treats bile duct stones that would not be removed at a cholecystectomy.

Mr Kirkby-Bott advises

Diagnostic Pathway for Gallstones

Starts with a consultation and if gallstones are suspected you will need:

Gallbladder pain diagonstic pathway

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