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Endocrine Surgery in Southampton

What is Endocrine?

The endocrine glands secrete hormones that affect the whole body by modifying varying roles such as bone & muscle strength, metabolism, blood pressure, response to injury, fertility and growth.


The thyroid gland controls metabolism. It can become over or under active, grow nodules that can cause pressure in the neck.


Parathyroids control calcium levels in the blood. Calcium is essential for bone strength, muscle contraction brain receptor function and cell signalling.


The adrenal glands have multiple functions secreting different hormones from each of 4 layers. They control a wide variety of functions.

Rare Endocrine

From familial disease to testosterone deficiency to rare gut hormones and the Pituitary gland. Specialist endocrine advice can help determine treatment.

Mr Kirkby-Bott is a very experienced Endocrine surgeon. He won the prestigious Norman Tanner medal for work on parathyroid disease and was only the 4th UK surgeon to pass the FEBS(Endocrine) exam.

Why choose a Surgeon trained in Endocrine?

Surgery is used to remove all or part of an endocrine gland that is either over-functioning, has grown to cause compressive symptoms or thought to be a cancer. Endocrine glands secrete hormones that have their effects far from the site of hormone secretion. Endocrine surgery refers to these phenomena occurring in the thyroid or parathyroid glands in the neck, adrenal glands just below the diaphragm or the Pituitary gland, GI tract, testicles or ovaries. Most of these problems are due to a gland being overactive and this alteration in hormone function can have effects on multiple systems and so affect surgery. For this reason it is best to choose a surgeon that is a specialist in the endocrine system rather than one that specialises in the anatomical area the gland is situated in. Consultant Endocrine surgeon Mr Kirkby-Bott can offer expert knowledge and advice on all these areas.

The benchmarked outcomes of Mr Kirkby-Bott's endocrine operations are available to view online
Possible risks of endocrine surgery

Mr Kirkby-Bott was the speak at and Open Dinner Event ran by Nuffield Hospital : "Managing Thyroid Conditions"

Endocrine Surgery

Problems with the endocrine glands can often but not always be treated by surgery. The following has been written to help you with your endocrine surgery


What can you expect to do and when post endocrine surgery


Advice to get the best result from your surgery

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