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How COVID is affecting our services

Changes to make our practice safe

Availability of surgery is back

We are now fully open and able to offer consultations face to face or via telephone and surgery in private hospitals.

COVID advice for appointments
The pre-surgery process is altered due to COVID and has been changed to help ensure everyone’s protection against risk of infection. The hospitals that we are using to perform this surgery in do not look after patients with COVID. Everyone working at the sites has been following Government rules and at the Hospitals procedures to control the risk of bringing COVID on site. In order to reduce the risk of patients bringing COVID to the hospital a special protocol has to be followed. Both our hospital sites are continually updating their rules and advice in line with government guidance and the local prevalence of COVID. It changes from time to time but both the Nuffield and Spire Hospital websites carry up to date advice.
This advice was intended to be both informative and reassuring. Remember if things changed recently the detail of the instruction may alter and if what you are told by the hospital differed please follow their advice and if you have any questions on this process please ask the hospital you are coming to for clarity. The process described here is generic rather than specific for this reason.
As part of the pre-operation process you will have a pre-admission appointment. Depending on your surgery, planned anaesthetic and expected length of stay you will get advice tailored to you according with that hospitals admission policy. If you’ve been given a body wash to use before surgery this is not for COVID but to reduce the risk of a wound infection. Please still use it as instructed.