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Hernia Surgery with Hernia Clinic Hampshire

Mr James Kirkby-Bott is a very experienced hernia surgeon. Offering a full range of procedure techniques to men and women. His speciality is a pioneering local anaesthetic repair that is available to all patients regardless of age or frailty as a daycare procedure. We have a large number of patients that have had this surgery which have proven the value of this technique.
It is run through it's own clinic. Click on links for Hernia Clinic Hampshire's website wto get full details of the Clinic, procedure and what it entails. Our feedback is important to us and leads to changes in the service we offer.

" Knowing about his skill and care earlier would have saved me a lot of unnecessary hernia pain. Op under local anaesthetic a revelation, easy recovery.Great." Patient Review

"Helped me navigate from NHS to using my private policy to speed up treatment. Clear on symptoms, clear on treatment plan, answered all my questions." Patient Review

"This consultation was follow-up after my hernia operation conducted under local anaesthetic. I am very happy with the outcome and with Mr Kirky-Bott's services." Patient Review