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Post Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

Activities and Follow-Up

Advise from Consultant Surgeon James Kirkby-Bott

The following advice is designed to help you recovery from your operation and enjoy your recovery period. Following this advice will maximise the final outcome you have. 
• Day 1  - You can shower, be up, dressed and mobile from day 1. Exercise by starting with the neck stretches and a gentle walk.  Also stretch your shoulders  and add in arm movements like front and back swimming crawl stroke.
 Day 2-7 - Continue building on the level of movement and exercises from day 1. Try and avoid anything that makes you look 'plethoric' for the first 14 days though.
• Day 7-10 - To be able to drive you law states that you must be able to safely perform an emergency stop. It is also worth making sure you can turn your head to look back over your shoulder. 
•  Day 10 - You can get the wound wet in a bath or even swimming once all the dressings are off and the wound is dry. 
Day 14 - Running, cycling and exercise classes should be ok. The more strenuous the activity the longer the rest time needed before resuming the activity.

As a general rule if it feels comfortable to do then it is OK to do it.  If not comfortable, stop and try again in a couple of days.
Mr Kirkby-Bott always follows up my thyroid and parathyroid cases

Follow Up Post Surgery

At this meeting we can: 

  • Discuss the histology or diagnosis from the resected specimen.
  • Review any blood results taken to review surgery success.
  • Check on your thyroid function to ensure you are on the right dose of medication or review your thyroid function after a thyroid lobectomy. - This blood test cannot be done less than 8 weeks after surgery
We can then discharge your care back to your referring doctor.  
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